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Chapter 6

Remember the time when you were fervent, crunk, full of choices, Confused about choices? When you were to choose among few, henceforth your whole life tripped on your choice. Challenge of choosing the right! "Excuse me! Clear the Queue” a male voice thundered. I was standing in a queue at the fee counter of the college to pay my sophomore year fee. I turned around, a tall immaculately dressed lad with the fiercely maintained moustache was luring at me, he continued, "The queue is clear for you madam, you can pay your fee".I saw the same face chasing me the other day as well. He stepped forward, propped his hand on the fee counter window. My face flooded with heat, I glued my eyes to the floor and rushed to girls’ common room. My heartbeat echoed to my ears. Later, I discovered he was the college president. Meanwhile, I mingled up with one of my cousins whom I used to visit quite wontedly. Due to a public holiday, my college was non-operational for a couple of d
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Chapter 5

Uma my best friend and I were sauntering off towards class. Two of us were so engrossed in talking and did not notice anything until a shadow crossed our face and blocked the sun in front of us. I looked up; a miscreant group of boys were gawking at us. Seniors: Freshers? I said y-yes with an intermit stutter. Seniors: Sing a Bollywood song at the top of your voice. We were almost in the middle of college vicinity and were being ragged by seniors. I felt like burying my head into the sand. I swallowed my breath and pinched Uma with one hand and clutched my dupatta with the other. However, I managed to muster courage and was about to start singing, suddenly one of the professors was passing by, he gauged the situation and rebuked those boys and saved us. We both took a sigh of relief and rushed towards our classroom. Later on, we both realized the whole scene was so intriguing and I still remember the vivid image of Uma’s crimson face. PS: There are days in life where y

Chapter 4

21 st May 1978, the long-awaited day when my higher secondary exam results were supposed to be declared. It was an ambivalent feeling of jittery and excitement. I went to school with my father to collect my result; As I reached the school gate, my excitement started to dilute. When I entered my classroom, my class teacher grins at me which solaces my heart.   My scores were beyond my expectations. My father was also delighted to see my result. Looking at him, I thought, he will get convinced to put me in an engineering college but due to my ill-luck and designated sex, I was made to study BSc. On my first day to college, I grabbed my breakfast and left for the college. As I reached the college gate, a bunch of boys perhaps, seniors were standing at the college gate; I got nervous and my heart started pounding heavily. It then took me 10-15 mins to garner the courage to enter through the college gate. Since childhood, I was a very unsociable child due to which, I had only one

Chapter 3

  I am no more a tumbling toddler now; I had grown up and started going to school. My grandmother plotted a plan to put me in a private school with my brother, whereas both my sisters were sent to a government school. On my 1st day to school, I vaguely remember the conversation, more sort of fight between father and grandmother. As a daily chore, my grandmother used to drop me to school along with my brother and I had to follow my brother to home. Years passed this way, now we no longer live in the same house. My father got promoted we shifted to a bigger house with a greater number of rooms but I still like my previous house because of childhood memories with my grandmother. One afternoon I came back home from school, it was a gloomy day, I found my grandmother was no more. This incident devastated me It was like my whole world turns upside down. I was so petrified, petrified of being alone. The whole family ended up in distress for a few days But I could see no trace

Chapter 2

                                                                      So finally, I hopped into a patriarchal society. Immediately after my birth my future began to take shape because of my assigned sex. Like my two other sisters I was also considered as a burden on family. Unlike our brother, we were never given toys to play with and were never pampered. I spent most of my childhood days with my grand-mother. After my midnight cries my grand-mother was the one who used to pacify me. She nursed me assiduously for years. I sought refuge in grandmother’s arms because my parents were too impassioned to raise my brother. For me he was the most eccentric person I ever know. His eccentricity was visible from his face. On contrary to this my both sisters were conventional. I still have a vivid picture of my childhood memories with my grandmother.

Chapter 1

It was nearly noon, a six-year-old girl peeping through key hole into her parents bedroom, inquisitive to know what is going inside. Suddenly door opens up and her 6 ft tall father was standing in front of her. She asked, “what were you two doing?” go and study we were looking for a key replied father in a disoriented voice. Unknown to the whole thing, oblivious mother setting up her hair. Days and months passed by and one day after 9 months of that incident I was born after excruciating pain for 5 hours my mother popped me. Nurse hurried to my father who was pacing the corridor, congratulations! you are blessed with Goddess Laxmi. Thank you replied father with witted face and muttered unwanted child.